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The security personnel were professional and cautious at all times. They were helpful and maintained a high degree of visibility that is needed in these events. I would unhesitatingly recommend your services to other school districts.

Mercy Koech
Country Director, Mafey Solar Energy

Drex Security Solutions is a regionally recognized professional service company in Kenya and East Africa that provides workplace safety consulting, safety training, safety staffing, safety program planning and implementation. Our services give you remarkable flexibility in meeting your needs.

We also supply Fire appliance, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, Personal Protective equipment (PPE) to companies, NGOs and Individuals. DSS also provides: Compliance auditing of health & safety systems, Providing safety officers to work on sites, factories, Conducting risk assessments and drafting safe work procedures / method statements, Construction site compliance, Hazard identification, Risk assessments and Task Analysis

DSS Solutions is a leader in safety equipment sale and servicing, safety auditing and assessment and supply of Personal Protective equipment; Chemical protective clothing, cut resistant gloves, disposable, disposable gloves, dust/lab coats, executive footwear, eye protection, fall protection, first aid kits, gum boots , gloves, grinding disc, safety boots, head protection, face protection, hearing protection, helmets, high visibility wear, lockouts, masks & face shields, overalls, PVC gloves, rain wear, respiratory protection, safety signages, tapes. Visit Our shop 

Range of industries

Travel and Aviation
Business Services
Consumer Products
Financial Services
Transport & Logistics

Safety at workplace is our priority

Drex Security Solutions. is a “packaged group” of safety professionals dedicated to developing and implementing regulatory compliance and liability defense strategies to protect corporate assets. Consulting services provided by DSS are very client specific and our firms practice ethic and structure allows companies the opportunity of out sourcing particular expertise. In short, our thorough understanding of safety, regulatory compliance, loss control, and risk management techniques shapes our firms commitment to quality professional consulting services.

Areas of Consulting:

Insurance Risk Management, Corporate Liability Defense Strategies, Loss Control Advocacy, Worker Compensation Claims Review and Analysis, Accident and Injury Trend Analysis, Compose Corporate Health and Safety Programs, Review or Implement Contractor Safety Management Programs, Conduct Accident and Fatality Investigation, Provide OSHA Citation Assistance, Perform Task and Job Hazard Analysis, Develop Back To Work Strategies, Safety Committee Development, Process Safety Management, Emergency Action Plan Development, Lockout / Tagout Procedure, Development and Implementation

Improve your business performance and partner with us.

A critical component of regulatory compliance is meeting the statutory obligation of employee safety training. Fidelity Risk Solutions has professionally trained and OSHA authorized instructors that can provide your company with the specific training your company needs. Our training approach allows employees to achieve behavior modification results by targeting specific groups of employees.

Safety Training is a big investment and you want to be sure you’re getting information that makes sense to your employees and that your company can use. Our instructors develop and deliver training curriculum that are adapted to your business and culture.

  • Practical “reality” focused presentations
  • Flexible to cover after hour sessions
  • Targeted to emphasize specific work groups
  • Tailored to your specific need

Safety Resources will conduct a course for your company at your offices, in the field or in a formal classroom setting. Once a course is complete, Safety Resources will provide you with proper documentation of training therefore providing evidence of implementation and compliance.

Here are just a few of the courses we offer:

Fall Protection, Electrical Safety, OSH, Fork, Trenching, Confined Space, Scoffing, Crane Safety, Emergency Response, Aerial, Fire response and protection, Operator Safety, Toolbox talks, Hazard Communication, OSHA 300 Log, General workplace safety

DSS high standards in the selecting of safety personnel to serve as consultants at our main office in Indianapolis, Indiana and at construction sites throughout the United States.

We have often been asked by corporations to provide the same process and care we take in selecting quality individuals for our firm, and in assisting them in the selection process for hiring safety personnel for their firms. Our knowledge of safety, together with our understanding of the qualities that make up an excellent safety representative, has aided companies in acquiring the right fit for their safety positions.

We are now making this service available to all. Rather than throwing the dice and hoping that the person you are hiring not only is qualified but can actually meet your expectations, DSS will assist you in finding the safety individual that will be right for you.

We offer:

  • Recruitment of job candidates
  • Pre-screening of candidates
  • Selection of candidates for your interviewing process

With reasonable fees and our dedication, you can remove the burden of recruiting, interviewing and hoping your new safety person works out.

Accident investigation and analysis is a means used to prevent accidents. As such, the investigation or analysis must produce information leading to corrective actions to prevent or reduce the number of accidents in the workplace. Drex Security Solutions will assist in this investigation to create appropriate corrective actions and determine root cause so future accidents can be controlled or eliminated.

All accidents/incidents should be investigated, regardless of severity of injury or amount of property damage. Every accident, even near misses, provides the opportunity to discover new ways to improve a safety program. Frequency builds severity. The extent of the investigation depends on the outcome or potential outcome of the accident. For purposes of accident prevention, DSS investigates for fact-finding, not fault finding.

Drex Security Solutions. combines the expertise and capabilities of our staff to provide your company with a root cause to your accident or incident.

A good return to work program is key and SRI provides effective tools to reach this common goal. Drex Security Solutions strives to facilitate the earliest possible return of injured employees to the workplace, and we educate our customers on the benefits of returning to work in a timely manner.

Benefits to the employer:

  • Reduces the likelihood of fraudulent claims.
  • Saves on hiring and training replacement employees.
  • Facilitates employer/ employee contact, giving the employer more control and direction, leading to a more positive resolution.

Benefits to the employee:

  • Increases self-esteem, minimizing feeling of guilt for having been injured.
  • Promotes better morale among all workers.
  • Reduces the negative financial impact many injured workers experience due to lost time

Our safety professionals will conduct single or multiple facility safety audits tailored to your specific need. Drex Security Solutions will then be able to identify potential risks and communicate them to your company in a detailed summary report suggesting abatement actions for improvement.

A Facility Safety Audit can identify:

  • Corporate risk and liability exposure
  • Potential OSHA and other regulatory violations
  • Employee accident and injury trends
  • Deviation from corporate policy
  • Safety program and training deficiencies
  • Machine guarding and ergonomic hazards
  • Contractor safety management issues

DSS can develop the right solution for your company.

For those companies that are looking to become a world class safety organization, DSS is pleased to offer a complete behavioral based safety system. Drex Security Solutions will train your employees, help implement the observational system, which is the hallmark of behavioral safety, as well as all other details that are necessary to have a functioning and successful behavioral based safety program.

Key Benefits:

  • Improved hazard recognition
  • Declined incident rates
  • Improved employee dialog about safety
  • Increased employee buy-in for safety
  • Management no longer the “safety cop”

Key Services:

  • Analysis of incident rates to identify trends
  • Safety culture survey
  • Interviews with key management and line-workers
  • Safety committee training
  • Observational training for all employees
  • Observational data analysis

Worldwide breakthrough in safety doors. The door that will prevent the robbers from getting into your house.

Technical Advantages:

  • Total durability against forced entry and breakthrough
  • 12 solid stainless steel bolts
  • Double reinforced chassis
  • Tempered steel cylinder for total protection Equipped with automatic and semi-automatic locking mechanism
  • Hidden security safety lock
  • Available in any size
  • Various designs and colors
  • Custom made per client

The Hermetix safety door is already in use in government buildings, corporate offices, and many private residences
Drex Security Solutions is an authorized dealer by the official importer into Africa

Drex Security Solutions can assist with OSHA inspections and citations/fines, as well as any subsequent processes required to ensure minimal financial and reputable damages.

Walkthrough Process

Drex Security Solutions will team with your project management to ensure you have an expert on-site presence during the critical walk-through stage with the Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO). At this time, we will provide immediate abatement recommendations for ongoing activities, record photographic evidence for any and all potential or perceived violations, manage any related questions and also provide advice for documentation requirements required during the closing conference process.

Abatement Forms & Reporting

DSS will manage and coordinate all abatement activities and posting as required by OSHA for any and all alleged violations. This could include re-training, abatement of hazardous situations, additional planning for high hazard activities, etc. These abatement items and documentation are usually required within 24 hours.

Informal Conference or Contest of Citation

Management and preparation for an OSHA informal conference can make or break the final outcome one way or the other. Drex Security Solutions prepares any and all affirmative defenses available, applicable OSHA interpretation letter research, and case by case fact to strive for a reduction in severity or outright elimination of the alleged citation. Typically if the severity has been reduced the financial impact is reduced along with it. If an agreement cannot be made during the informal process DSS can assist in preparation to contest and OSHA violation and to eliminate all associated penalties outright.

All construction companies must comply with a broad range of compliance regulations and ensure the safety and well being of their employees. Compliance and safety management has become a time consuming task that requires particular expertise and experience.

Drex Security Solutions combines our staff expertise, capabilities and understanding “the business of safety” to provide your company with practical construction risk management solutions. Our unique capabilities rest upon the collective experience of our safety professionals who have represented construction companies through the changing periods of safety in the workplace.

Safety Consulting Expertise:

  • Job Hazard Analysis
  • Develop Site Specific Safety Plans
  • Provide Pre-Bid Safety Analysis
  • Conduct Regulation Interpretation
  • Implement Accident and Case Management Strategies
  • Compose Corporate Safety Programs and Manuals
  • Complete Contractor and Subcontractor Safety Pre-Qualifications
  • Conduct Accident and Fatality Investigation
  • Perform Task Hazard Analysis

In today’s world DOT compliance and Fleet Safety Management is critical to maintaining a competitive edge. DSS helps companies avoid heavy penalties and keep your drivers or commercial vehicles from being placed “out-of-service” for violations of federal or state motor carrier regulations. Assessing the compliance position of an operator and offering solutions that make sense is our specialty.

 DSS Provides Solutions:

Compliance Review, Driver File Audits, Managing DOT and Regulatory Inspections, Driver Safety Training, Defensive Driving Training, Fleet Safety Policies and Procedures, Accident Investigation, Injury Analysis and Recommendation, Specialty Consulting

Drex Security Solutions has the expertise and professional experience to ensure your projects have developed any and all required pre-planning for a multitude of owners, general contractors and construction managers. These plans are often mandated, but they can also be extremely useful in managing liability and providing appropriate documentation if an injury or an OSHA inspection were to occur. All our submitted plans will be managed so you can count on a timely delivery for your project documents.

Drex Security Solutions will team with your project management to provide a complete inspection of the ongoing activities of your personnel, subcontracted workforce and general site conditions at your project.  Our outlook is to encourage and educate initially to ensure tradesmen buy-in and to foster a relationship that encourages compliance and safe behaviors.  Our on-site expertise enables us to identify potential risks and communicate them to your management and on-site personnel to achieve the balance needed between production and safety.

Drex combines our staff expertise, capabilities and understanding “the business of safety” to provide your company with practical construction risk management solutions. Our unique capabilities rest upon the collective experience of our safety professionals who have represented construction companies working in various trades and contractual roles.

Example Inspection Report

With the increased cases of insecurity and safety breaches in schools,  Drex’s safety department is committed to providing consultancy services to suppress these menaces. We help schools by contacting safety and security risk assessment as well as help in the implementation process. We provide training in fire safety and safety procedures.

The safety of school children, at all times, and everywhere cannot be over-emphasised. It is in this respect that DSS is both timely and invaluable. We underscores the our commitment to the safety and overall welfare of learners and especially children in schools.

The safety of the learner is central to the provision of quality education in any country. While this is true for learners at all levels of education, it is particularly critical for learners at the basic education level in view of their relatively tender ages. Children of this early age are very vulnerable to threats such as bullying by their older colleagues, intimidation, verbal and physical abuse and all manner of harassment.

Apart from personal threats, insecurity for children can emanate from inappropriate school facilities and infrastructure. These may include poorly constructed classrooms and playing grounds, insufficient and broken-down toilet facilities, gender insensitive location of toilet and bathroom facilities, and inadequate and inappropriate desks and other furniture.

The objectives of a safety audit are to:
  1. Fulfil the legal requirement of the Section 11 of the occupational Safety and Health Act 2007.
  2. Evaluate the working environment and organizational management systems for prevention of accidents, occupational diseases, health and general welfare at work place.
  3. Look at established baseline health and safety performance criteria at the workplace and use this to review the safety and health management system.
  4. Come up with recommendations on mitigation to the occupational health and safety issues captured under (ii) above.


The scope of the audit is defined by the code of practice on occupational safety and health auditing established by the Director, Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety Services.

The audit report will follow these guidelines:

Workplace information, Management of Occupational Safety and Health Policies, Safety and Health Policies, Assignment of responsibilities, Organization for Safety and Health in the Organisation, Implementation of Safety policy, Performance monitoring, Occupational Safety and Health Training Programs, Occupational Health Service Programs, Accident Information, Information systems, Permit to Work, Contractors & Suppliers, Emergency Response Plan, Workplace Safety, Health and Welfare Conditions, Machinery Safety, Chemical Safety, Plant Safety, Electrical Safety, Fire Safety, Construction Safety, Transport Safety, Occupational Hygiene Conditions, Personal Protective Equipment, Ventilation, Overcrowding, Lighting, Noise, Vibration, Radiation, Thermal Condition, Pressures, General Conditions, Ergonomics, Storage and Handling and Materials, House Keeping, Welfare Facilities

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