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The security personnel were professional and cautious at all times. They were helpful and maintained a high degree of visibility that is needed in these events. I would unhesitatingly recommend your services to other school districts.

Mercy Koech
Country Director, Mafey Solar Energy

Drex Security Solutions was founded in June 2016 by the current directors, who have a wealth of experience in the Security, Electronic Security, safety and Investigations industry. Our Headquarters is based in Nairobi, Kenya with other regional offices in Kampala Uganda and Dodoma Tanzania.

“Our key objective is to become the Africa’s leading independent Security risk solutions company, supplier of Electronic Security Systems and services, to provide personal, friendly service, to carry out the highest standard of workmanship, followed by a professional after sales service”

We have built up an enviable reputation carrying out works for large “Blue Chip” organisations such as local authorities,learning institutions, hospitals, individual homes, and large commercial organisations. DSS believe this is due to the quality of our organisation and the diversity of the product range and services that we offer our customers.

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In recent years CCTV has done much to deter crime and anti-social behaviour in town centres, housing estates, hospitals, factories, banks, airports, and railways. CCTV cameras not only provide increased levels of security and safety, but can bring reassurance to the general law abiding public. CCTV can provide you with levels of security and safety you never thought possible. Fidelity Risk Solutions is leading the way in the design and installation of integrated analogue and IP based CCTV systems. The choice of CCTV systems that we can offer is extensive, ranging from simple, single-camera installations to large scale, multi-camera systems.

Our expertise across all types of electronic security means that we are able to integrate CCTV with other security systems such as Perimeter Detection, Intruder Alarm and Access Control systems. With everything that today’s technology has to offer the applications for CCTV are almost limitless. No matter what the size or complexity, FRS will design a system, which can be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Access control is now an accepted part of business and communal accommodation operations. It protects both personal and physical assets by allowing access to those people who are authorized and restricting access to those who are not. There are a number of access control systems available, ranging from audio/visual entry systems, digital keypad entry systems, magnetic swipe card/proximity card systems to biometric devices, such as finger print readers etc.

PC based systems are the amongst the most flexible, allowing the system administrator to add strict access restrictions to ensure that only authorized individuals/personnel can enter areas at particular times of the day. The system administrator to view when an card holder arrives and leaves site, what areas of a building they have accessed and at what times, and where an attempt is made by a card holder to access a restricted area.

Connections to alarm devices such as visual, audible or remote alarms can also be triggered when a door is forced.

We have experience in the design and installation of all these systems including equipment that is controlled by access control systems such as, vehicle barriers, automated gates, road blockers, turnstiles etc.

Intruder alarm systems are now a vital tool to deter would be thieves and opportunists entering our premises. With sophisticated electronic surveillance now being installed in our homes and work places, these systems can be tailor made to suit everyone’s needs. DSS offers a full in house design and installation service for commercial properties, home and private entities.

Fire detection and alarm systems play an extremely important role in developing fire strategies as they are an integral part of notifying occupants, activating suppression systems and smoke management systems, and notifying the fire department in the event of the fire.

Fidelity Risk Solutions can design and install manual or automatic fire detection systems in line with the requirements. DSS will ensure your system is designed, installed and maintained.

These systems range from conventional to analogue addressable fire alarm systems for a wide range of applications including high rise commercial offices, industrial, warehouses, healthcare etc.

In both large and small premises the need for constant communication with your staff or members of the public, can be greatly enhanced by the use of a public address system.

The systems can also be used to facilitate a class change system or to simply to play background music, either via a radio turner or CD player.

Voice evacuation can also be added. This is triggered by a signal from a fire alarm system or any other device as required and this would transmit voice message rather than an audible tone.

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