Background & Pre-employee Screening

Drex Security Solutions is Kenya’s No. 1 Background screening company mainly operating withing Kenya and some parts of East Africa. Drex Security Solutions Background checks and screening services are specifically designed to address the varying needs of company and organizations.

Although most businesses and organizations have high standards, they also are challenged by limited resources. In addition, they frequently need to move quickly when the time comes to make a hire. Yet each applicant and employee adds business and security risk. Fortunately, performing background checks on applicants and existing employees is an effective way to discover potential risk issues that could affect your business.

Drex Security Solutions is driven by speed, efficiency and quality and backed by one of the most experienced teams in the industry. You too can depend on DDS as your major background check/screening company to provide your organization and business with an intelligent approach to screening, one that will accommodate your requirements with ease while allowing you to make fast and sound decisions with a lot of confidence.

Our Screening services include:

Drex Security Solutions verifies candidate’s present and past experience. We directly contact the employers particularly the HR department and information requested for may include:

  • Dates of employment,
  • Position, Salary,
  • Reason for leaving,
  • Eligibility for rehire,
  • Dependability,
  • General work duties and Responsibilities.

This enables us to track someones’s behavior and or capabilities.

Drex Security Solutions verifies candidate’s educational history by directly contacting respective educational institution where a specific candidate attended. The kind of crucial information we retrieve from institution may include: Degree earned, area of specialization, year of graduation and validity of certificates earned. Due to high cases of forgery and overrated educational credentials, it therefore important to verify candidate’s educational background. Drex is a place to get these services.

We conduct following services for Educational qualification check.

  • Verification Of The Highest Education
  • Verification Of second Highest Education
  • Verification Of All Education Level i.e High school Upwards
  • Verification Of Professional Qualification
  • Verification Of Professional Membership

Drex Security Solutions validates the any given professional licence and/or certification. Verification is done by engaging the institution(s) involved. Information collected may include; the status of a licence/certificate, document number, date of issues/due.

Drex Security Solutions verifies listed or unlisted personal or professional referees. References are contacted and their comments about the applicant’s reliability, criminal past, alcohol or drug abuse and character, work habits and work performance are reflected in specific reports. Kindly note that verification can be delayed if the referees cannot be traced from the contact information given. Our team of professionals make arrangements of meeting references physically.

Drex confirms if  given address exists and if Subject is well known at the address. Note that you may experience some level of delays if the address is not well specified.

Drex Security Solutions make criminal checks a standard part of your overall pre-employment assessment. These are the services you get;

  •  Basic Disclosure (Police Clearance Certificate)
  •  Standard Criminal Records
  •  Enhanced Criminal Check

Identity theft is now a common crime in this technological age. This service verifies the authenticity of machine readable physical identity documents such as passport or drivers license.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Drex Security Solutions office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

The security personnel were professional and cautious at all times. They were helpful and maintained a high degree of visibility that is needed in these events. I would unhesitatingly recommend your services to other school districts.

Mercy Koech
Country Director, Mafey Solar Energy

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Service Reliability

Drex Security Solutions has a history of providing distinct and the best background and pre-employee screening services

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Quality Control

Drex Security Services has regular quality control system for consistent high standard services

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We always act with honesty, openness and do what we have said we will do. We value our clients and employees than noting else.

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