NGO Security Services

We understand the nature of the work and sensitivities involved in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working in often non-permissive, uncertain, hostile or high-risk environments.We offer a variety of security services to help support NGOs and minimize the risk to employees and the organization’s reputation.

Experts in providing NGO security services in high-risk environments

We provide risk advice and security solutions to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and aid projects that operate in high-risk and emerging markets.

Our security services to NGOs include:

  • Risk management and security advice including path-finding and journey management
  • Risk assessments for the countries NGOs operate in, and situation reports that assess the tactical and strategic risks for NGOs considering entering or already operating in volatile countries
  • Risk analysis and reporting services, which range from pre-incident consultancy, to response to a kidnap or extortion event

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