Drex Security Solutions provides specialized concierge and security services for private residences, gated communities, condominium towers, and hotels. Wherever you need security and support, Drex Security Solutions is there.

Creating safe and enjoyable spaces for guests and residents

You want your guests and residents to be able to relax and feel secure when they are on your property. In addition to their customer service excellence training, our licensed security professionals are trained and experienced in carrying out the following guard duties:

  • Access control
  • Emergency response and first aid
  • Scheduled perimeter patrols
  • Security risk assessments
  • Fire protection and prevention
  • Security systems monitoring (CCTV, alarm panel, key control)

Drex Security Solutions can also provide mobile patrols, executive protection and event security services to further support your team

Looking for a First-Class Security & Safety Consultant?

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