Drex Security Solutions has built its construction security & safety services expertise for construction sites over the span of more than 5 years. Our team combines extensive experience with the industry’s best practices to protect our clients’ people and assets.

Comprehensive construction security services

After regular business hours, construction sites are deserted until the next work day. Expensive machinery and materials are often left unguarded, leaving the site open to potential theft or vandalism. When materials and equipment are damaged or stolen, projects are delayed for an indefinite period of time, and unforeseen additional expenses can potentially arise, cutting into profit margins.

DSS works in close collaboration with clients to offer comprehensive construction security services adapted to each unique construction site, including:

  • Construction site surveillance
  • Road flaggers
  • Risk assessment
  • Loss prevention
  • Mobile patrols
  • Control centres with innovative technologies and 24/7 support to streamline operations

Looking for a First-Class Security & Safety services?

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