Risky Business: 3 Aspects That Attracts Burglars

While security is essential for all businesses, some industries are more appealing to burglars than others. Jewelry stores, for example, sell much more valuable products than grocery stores. As a result, a jewelry store may need additional security to keep their inventory safe.

To further illustrate the need for security, we list some business types commonly targeted by burglars.

What Aspect Make a Business a Target for Burglars?

When it comes to choosing a target, burglars look for specific characteristics. Here are three aspects of a business that attract burglars:

  • Businesses with known valuables: Electronics stores, jewelry stores, pharmacies and liquor stores are all prime targets for criminals because they sell valuable items. Once a criminal breaks in, they’re able to grab as many items as possible, as quickly as they can. Then, they can sort through the stolen goods and sell them for a profit.
  • Cash heavy businesses: Burglars often target places that keep large sums of cash on hand. Establishments like pawn stores and banks are appealing targets for criminals.
  • Businesses open late: Bars, late-night restaurants, gas stations and convenience stores with long hours are other prime targets for burglars. This is because less people are around and only a few employees may be working.

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How Can You Keep Your Business Secure?

Prevent burglars from victimizing your business and implement the following security solutions:

  • Video surveillance allows you to keep an eye on your business when you’re not there. Catch and deter criminals by installing surveillance cameras throughout your business. Place cameras around your building’s perimeter, particularly near entrances and windows. Also, consider areas inside where criminals would be most drawn to such as cash registers, safes and inventory rooms.
  • Monitored alarms alert you if an intruder attempts to break into your business. An alarm is triggered and a signal is sent to the monitoring center. The monitoring center then notifies you and the proper authorities of the incident.
  • Mobile solutions that allow you to manage your security system from your computer or smartphone.
  • Window-break sensors trigger an alarm when the glass they’re monitoring is broken or the window is opened.
  • Door sensors sound an alarm when a door is opened.
  • Image sensors are activated by motion and capture images if someone is inside a monitored area.

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Keep these tips in mind when securing your business from burglars and connect with a trusted security professional for a plan tailored to your needs.

What are some characteristics of a business that makes it a target for burglars? Share in the comments below.

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Livingstone is a security and safety expert specializing in cybersecurity, corporate security management, public safety, and private investigations.

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